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Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids

Clients will often ask our audiologists: “How much do hearing aids cost?”

What they are probably really asking is:“How much will I have to pay for those hearing aids?”

While it may seem that these are the same question, the answers can vary greatly.  While our range of hearing aids includes solutions to suit every budget and needs, what a client will pay for hearing aids will also depend on:

  1. What level of technology do you need for your hearing loss and lifestyle?
  2. Do you need one or two hearing aids?
  3. Are you eligible for the Office of Hearing Services Voucher Scheme?
  4. Are you a member of a private health fund, including coverage for hearing aids?
  5. Did workplace noise contribute to your hearing loss?
  6. Do you earn an income, so that medical expenses for hearing aids can be used as an income tax offset?